Cardinal Pictures was founded on a simple premise: to reduce the barriers to filmmaking for students of any background or level of experience. We provide support, resources, and guidance for all aspects of the filmmaking process.

Here's how you can get involved:


We are always accepting short film and creative project proposals! No prior experience is necessary to direct, and students of all class years can apply. Projects of all sorts are welcome, ranging from short, fun experiments to more ambitious narrative pieces.

For first-time filmmakers we advise shorter films that can be filmed in 1 weekend or a single day with runtimes below 5 minutes. Your first film does not need to be an epic!

To make a filmplease email us here. Include some basic information such as name, year, film experience, title of project, planned shooting dates, and any other information you find pertinent. Please attach your screenplay if you have one. We will match you with an Executive Producer, help you find a crew, and assist in making your project happen!


Want to check out gear, or just learn about what equipment we have? Review our gear calendar to see what's available, stop by The Workshop for gear office hours. Unsure what you need? Shoot us an email with details of your project and a gear manager will help you out.


Find out more about the Screenwriters' Lounge here.


Cardinal Pictures is always striving to serve the community better and in more varied ways. Our vision for the future is to establish ourselves as the main resource for student filmmaking on campus and foster a culture of inclusivity, learning, and collaboration. With time, we hope to become an indispensable element of the Wesleyan experience.

  • Filmmaking Equipment including the cameras, lenses, mics, lights, etc. Full list of gear here.

  • Financial support in production funding from the Student Budget Committee

  • Guidance for first-time filmmakers who are just learning the ropes

  • A Community of over 200 students interested in film production, accessible via our email list.

  • On-Campus Events that connect you with other student filmmakers to both create and watch student films